Yankee Candle 2020 Halloween Collection Debuts Today

Witches’ Brew
Image: Yankee Candle

Today, August 29th, Yankee Candle has revealed their Halloween Collection in stores and online. I love this time of year at Yankee Candle. Just the other day I headed out to our local Yankee Candle store with the kids only to discover it closed. It completely closed down. I am devastated! I guess the only way I can get my fix is to order from the catalog or swing by Bed, Bath and Beyond because they always have a pretty good stock of these candles.

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Witches’ Brew is one Halloween scent that you’re going to want to get right away because this one sells out quickly. I remember trying to purchase it in September last year and it was sold out for the season. It’s the perfect dark blend of clove and cinnamon with a woody smell of vanilla and patchouli. It completely captures the essence of Halloween.

As part of the Halloween Friends collection, you’ll find these jar, votive and tea light holders. These sweet Halloween faces are happy and fun and will add character to your candle displays.

Large jar Yankee Candles are probably my favorite. Jack o’ Lantern is sweet and spicy with hints of black tea, pumpkin spice, nutmeg, vanilla and apple sugar to name a few. Mystic Moon combines fragrance notes such as apple, violet leaf, white peach, vanilla and amber. These large jar candles provide 110 hours of fragrance. I find I’m able to burn a Yankee Candle for months and I love it. Right now you can get large jars and tumblers, 2 for $50 online.

Bonfire Nights
Image: Yankee Candle

In addition to the Yankee Candle Halloween collections, you’ll find plenty of candles that are ready to welcome fall. Wrap yourself up with the bonfire nights lineup which includes Warm and Cozy, Whipped Pumpkin Spice, Autumn Embers, Pecan Pie Bites and Crisp Campfire Apples.

Crisp Campfire Apples
Image: Yankee Candle

View the entire Yankee Candle Halloween and Fall collections as well as their stock of home and car fragrances here. Have fun!

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