The LEGO Haunted House is here!

So this is what finally brought me out of blogging hibernation for the past few months. I woke up this morning to an email from LEGO. I regularly get LEGO updates as a VIP member and here it is. The LEGO Haunted House! (10273) I must have this. As far as all fine quality LEGO sets go, you get what you pay for and the haunted house will set you back $250.00. But when you find a house you love you have to find a way to get it, right?

Image: LEGO

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Image: LEGO

The Manor Von Barron is a spooky haunted house theme park ride. The set is 3231 pieces and the difficulty level is age 18+. I love how LEGO caters to all age levels. Some of us may grow older but we never grow up, do we? It has an elevator that rides to nowhere, and you can control the lights and motion on your smartphone with the Powered Up option. The house opens up and you’ll find automatic doors at the top of the tower. It also features a cursed painting.

Within the manor you’ll find the Face of Sphinx, the mysterious centerpiece in Von Barron’s collection. There’s also the Idol of Everest, the spooky relic from a temple high atop Mount Everest. The Orb of OGEL is a prototype for a stolen mind control super weapon.

And you can’t have a haunted house without that gorgeous organ on the first floor, the massive spiderweb up high and the skeleton hanging from chains. Be sure to look for rare bricks and ancient artifacts within the set too.

But wait, it’s coming soon and as of today it’s exclusively available for LEGO VIP members only. But all you have to do is sign up for a free VIP membership. If you’re a LEGO fan like me, you know unique sets go quickly so don’t delay on this one. View the LEGO Haunted House here. Let’s get ready for Halloween! 🎃 👻